Master Johnson

Michael Johnson
Level II Combat Stick Instructor

Mr. Johnson is the Master Instructor, and Owner of Shockwave Defense. He has been training in defense for over 28 years. The rise of Shockwave Defense was inspired by the empowerment of Anthony Robbins and the speed of his dads training under the late incredible Bruce Lee, Michael Johnson a BA in criminology, Black Sash in Gung-Fu, 2nd Degree Black Belt in P.M.A, offers a defense system known as Shockwave Defense. His system encourages the practitioner to experience self mastery over the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, & Financial world using defense tactics as the vehicle. The principles are simple, Shock, Catch, & Finish. The Shockwave Defense System has been utilized by individuals in the United State Secret Service, Hostage Rescue Teams, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, Corporate Executives, and Security Forces around the country, to build confidence, strength, comradery, and instill the skills necessary for surviving a real life attack. Each lesson includes life principles called the Diliji Mind that mirror the defense skills used for physical protection. Diliji mind is a way to use the strategies of defense to overcome day-to-day challenges. Shockwave Defense brings together not only its effective defensive tactics skills but also the discipline of life mastery skills nothing else like this exist except at Shockwave Defense. Johnson is known for his expertise in the following areas:

Quick Background:

* Michael C. Johnson has a BA in criminology & a minor in Political Science from the University of New Mexico.
* Johnson holds a Black sash in Jin Sun Do Gung Fu: A rare system Created by his internationally recognized father Sifu Steve L. Johnson former student of the late incredible Bruce Lee, and holder of 7 different black-belts in different martial arts systems.
* Johnson also proudly holds a 5th degree Black Belt in Maka Karate, under Master Eric P. Lamb
*Johnson is ranked a Master Instructor in Lameco Eskrima, under Master Felix Valnecia
* Certificate under Steve Grody (Jun Fan – Jeet Kune Do. Steve Grody studied under Dan Inosanto for thirteen non-stop years (1979 to 1992) and became the primary substitute at his academy from ’85 to ’90 when Inosanto had to be away.)
* Certified Assistant Jeet Kune Do Instructor under Sifu Tim Tackett.
* Certified Hand 2 Hand, Knife Combatives Instructor under Hock Hochheim.
* Certified Kickboxing Instructor & Black Belt under world champion Cecil Haggins
* Johnson is a 2nd degree Black Belt in PMA under Sensei Bryon Schnell, a mixture of Muy Thai, Kickboxing, & Jiu Jitsu.
* Johnson has over 25 years of experience in martial arts & self-defense industry.
* He has offered defense instruction for over 14 years around the country.
* Johnson offers a defense training system that allows the practitioner to be capable of defending themselves after only one lesson.