Shockwave Defense Commercial/Government Services

Shockwave Defense offers a unique blend of our Hand 2 Hand, Stick/Knife, and Firearms tactics to those in government, and the Law enforcement community. State and governement agencies are offered commercial programs at discounted rates.

DUNS # 363908299
CCR: Yes ORCA Registered: Yes
HUB Zone Afro American Owned Business

NAIC Codes:
611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
611519 – Other Technical and Trade Schools
611699 – All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
624310 – Vocational Rehabilitation Services

1-5 Day Events: The reactive mindset has the same negative consequences in safety that it does in business. When you wait to prepare your team of employees until after the an attack occurs the trust is broken, the initiative is gone, and the odds are in the attackers favor. Shockwave Defense knows how difficult and costly it can be to wait until after an event occurs. That is why we offer a pro-active approach in understanding egress planning, environmental awareness, and reaction modules! Learning objectives for our 1-5 Day Seminars include but are not limited to: • Violence In The Workplace • Situational Awareness • Transport Survival Course • Leveraging Your Environment/Egress, Evasion, Strategies • Weapons Usage, and more.

Team Building Training: Team Building is a lot more than doing short weekend courses that are quickly forgotten. In order for team building to occur team member must have applications that can be exercised in the office on a regular basis. Team building exercises must offer enough fear to build conviction in a belief, and enough trust in each other actions that when the outside world brings in pressure, your staff aligns itself in unison and readies themselves for action. Shockwave Defense Team Building Courses offer more than just a few learned skills and fun exercises; Our courses build comradery, and an alignment of discretion that integrates life principles that last beyond the moment of the course, and into the progressive flow of your team interaction! Learning objectives include, but are not limited to the following:

• Weapons Training
• Group Mission Training Exercises
• Pressure Problem Solving Techniques/Exercises
• Leadership & The Origins of Authority
• Verbal Commands and Stages Of Escalation
• Much More!

Strategic Retreats: Getting your staff away from the office offers increased clarity, open awareness, controlled learning, and a productive learning environment with fewer distractions. In most retreats the cost will include lodging, food, and training. Learning objectives include, but are not limited to the following:

• Internal Defense Training
• Functions of Integration Between The Mind & Body
• Pressure Testing & Team Unification Exercises
• Knife disarmament/retention