Overpressure: A Division Of Shockwave Defense University LLC

Welcome to overpressure. Overpressure was designed and created with one of the Co-founders Of Dog Brothers, Arlan (Salty Dog) Sanford. Overpressure is not unique to a specific style, nor a system, rather it’s a unique testing ground for those who train their students how to survive high risk,  and high intensity situations.

Our progression  is not time based but performance based. Our curriculum is simple yet effective. Participants are mixed, some professional operators, and others everyday people, and their combat experience varies. Whether an operator or professional they both have in common the will to survive a deadly force encounter, and a desire to test their training in real time against resistance.

1.  Give it all you’ve got!

2. If you wanna play you must be willing to fight in a stick combat initiative!

Welcome to Overpressure Combat Stick Fighting.