Specialty Courses

Shockwave Defense Specialty Courses

DUNS # 363908299
CCR: Yes
ORCA Registered: Yes
HUB Zone Afro American Owned Business

NAIC Codes:
611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
611519 – Other Technical and Trade Schools
611699 – All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
624310 – Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Shockwave Fusion:
Shockwave fusion is a cutting-edge is a 2.5 day training course that activates the warrior within and gives students the key to release that warrior in an instant when it is necessary. Almost anyone can be trained to fight, but all the training in the world won’t mean a thing in real combat if you haven’t given yourself permission to fight, permission to survive, permission to be of more value than the designs of a violent attacker.

This is why Shockwave Defense has created Shockwave Fusion – a revolutionary system that combines state-of-the-art methods in accessing and releasing subconscious blockages with unparalleled combat training, allowing that training to sink right into the subconscious mind an take over the same inner territory that used to believe it is better to be hurt or killed than to fight back!

Toward this end, Fusion incorporates techniques from Hypnotherapy and NLP along with subliminal messages and even direct resetting of internal neurological stress responses through controlled diet, sensory stimulus and neuro-conditioning of the body, so that you can undo in a matter of days the programming you have been force-fed by your culture for most of your life! For hotel accomodations please contact Shockwave Defense!